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Ubiquitous computing seems increasingly to be moving out of the conference halls and into the world around us.

Last wUbiquitous computing seems increasingly to be moving out of the conference halls and into the world around us.

Last week a few of us (no ‘FewofUs’ jokes please) went down to London IA where we saw a chap calledBen Bashford talk about his passion for connected things. Ben is a member of Council – a think tank for the Internet of Things.

He gave us some new terminology to use in the context of a ubiquitous network of objects, people and data, like ‘Fabricators’ (Things that we make. Think 3D printing) and ‘Actuators’ (Things that move in the real world. Think robotic arms in manufacturing). By the end of the talk he was asking us to imagine a future where we would have to create personas for robots! Check out these lovely notes on his talk byEva-Lotta Lam.


In the week following the talk, we’ve seen a very nice example of a connected thing in The Nest, the revolutionary new thermostat designed by Ex-Apple iPod/iPhone man Tony Fadell.

The thermostat learns your heating and air-con habits and automates it, while encouraging you to increase your energy efficiency in the process. You can also control it from your phone and manage your preferences online. That is one connected thing! Find out more from the Wired article, “Brave New Thermostat: How the iPod’s Creator Is Making Home Heating Sexy”.

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The Whitest Hip Hop You Know: Indie Kids Edition


A summer mixtape for the hip hop amateur that wants to know what’s hot and what’s what this season of music. Crafted specially for those muchachos out there who enjoy the current indie scene and want to jump in on the hip hop wagon as well, featuring an audio foreword by Dr. Stephen Hawking (author of History of The Universe & History of Hip Hop In Space), the mixtape includes hit single’s like Kanye West’s Hell Of A LifE and more obscure yet “pretty hip” (As the kids these days call it) tunes like Freddie Gibb’s On One and Frank Ocean’s Nature Feels. The cover art of the mixtape was shot by Gerard Mars. DOWNLOAD NOW and actually know what the hell Pitchfork is saying when they talk about “dope beats” in their website.


  1. Intro/Freaks & Geeks - Dr .Stephen Hawking and Childish Gambino
  2. Old School Rules - Danger Doom
  3. Hell Of A Life - Kanye West
  4. Doin It Again - The Roots
  5. On One - Freddie Gibbs
  6. Loft Music - The Weeknd
  7. Encore - Danger Mouse (feat. Jay-Z)
  8. Nature Feels - Frank Ocean
  9. Best I Ever Had - Drake
  10. The National Anthem - Lupe Fiasco

D O W N L O A D ——> H E R E (Contains a .zip file with all tracks in .mp3 format and a 700x700.png album cover)

DISCLAIMER: This mix tape was created specifically for Yewnee’s Summer Mix Series 2011 for sonic recreational purposes only. I do not own any of this music (I have some of this on CD though).


Bill Belichick shows his sweet, tender side while attending a 2008 NBA game between the Celtics and Pistons. The Patriots coach seems to have regained his mojo in leading the Patriots to a 37-16 victory over the Jets on Sunday. New York will try and get back on the winning track when they face Denver tonight on Thursday Night Football. (AP)

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